Sunday, August 7, 2016

#NovelSnip: Elizabeth Waits for the Results

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#NovelSnip is a tiny portion of my fiction writing project. I had a pretty good summer of writing, and I'm taking a break now. I have some other things to do like teaching the youth of America. Or, to be more precise, teaching a minuscule percentage of the youth of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area. Still, I'm sharing a little segment of the book, starring Elizabeth Abbott, one of my main characters. Woot! Here it is! Let me know what you think, if you feel like it.

At lunchtime, Elizabeth’s phone pinged the arrival of a text from Helen. “Julian says cast list will be posted at 2:30.”

Elizabeth inhaled sharply, her heart rate rising. While Tracy had been busy doing pull-out enrichment projects with Cirrus, Andrew had tried out for every theater production since sixth grade, He’d once, as an eighth grader, been cast as Ticket Seller #2 in some incomprehensible show about a shipwreck. Still, Elizabeth and Henry had built sets on a Saturday and hosted the end-of-run cast party, and the very next year Andrew had been rewarded for her efforts by being assigned the role of the Prop Master.

Of course, she’d been livid.  Nonetheless, she’d gritted her teeth and smiled when Mr. Derus complimented Andrew’s impeccable organization after opening night.  “He found all of it!” Mr. Derus gushed.  “Even the emerald-green, size-11 pumps!”  Of course, Elizabeth herself had scoured every second-hand store in the greater Liston area to get her hands on those asinine shoes.  Who’s ever heard of a high school girl - a thin one at that! - with size 11 feet? And with an untrained alto?  In a lead role?  

At the Percys’ holiday party she’d put a bug in the Faculty Staff Parent Guardian Alliance chair’s ear about Priya’s faults as a romantic heroine.  “She was four inches taller than Allen,” she’d hissed. “Of course,” she clarified,  “I’m 100%  in favor of a multi-racial lead couple.”

Henry’d placed a protective and warning arm around her shoulder in the lobby of the auditorium after the conclusion of Witches Over Willow Street.  “Andrew sure is multi-talented, Mr. Derus,” Elizabeth’s husband said warmly, offering a handshake.  “And congratulations on a fabulous show.”  Henry steered Elizabeth toward the coat-rack, rubbing her shoulder in a calming, clockwise pattern.

This year’s show, Ellis Island, had a perfect mid-sized role for Andrew, who had dutifully taken voice and dance lessons every week through the summer.  Meanwhile, she’d ingratiated herself to Allen Song’s mother at the juice bar after hot yoga. Melanie had breezily offered Elizabeth the Publicity Coordinator position on the Theater Booster Board.  And now this, quite simply, had to be Andrew’s moment.  As a junior, the time was right for the part of Inspector, with a short vocal solo and several humorous lines.  As a senior then, he’d be primed to headline just in time for college application season.  2:30 couldn’t come soon enough.

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