Monday, February 9, 2009

When You Walk Through the Garden

So, last Thursday Mac and I took Shef and his buddy bowling after school.

We went to a nice, well-known South Minneapolis establishment. It was fun, and the attendant only had to tiptoe down the ball-return six or seven times to dislodge the ones that got stalled in the gutter.

Then, after all the frames were complete, we went back out to the parking lot, where I noticed nothing out-of-the-ordinary. I buckled Mac into his seat, and then Shef, and I was just about to belt the pal in when suddenly, the parking lot was totally full of police.

Dogs barking, all exits barred, and guns aimed at the car which had pulled into position directly behind my Outback.


I told the kids to duck, but when it became clear that there would be no shooting, they watched the two perps get cuffed and shoved into separate squad cars.

Then, I had to answer some questions about bullet-proof vests and the narcotics the cops mentioned when they came over to see if we were all recovered from the trauma.


Lisa said...

Holy crap!

Tom said...

Wow! Glad you were all OK. Shef's going to be telling that story for the rest of his life.

Sometimes the 'burbs seem like a decent idea. But then I remember that they make meth in the 'burbs, like in the townhouse just down the street from my mom's place in Eagan.

LH said...


I just listened to a bbc documentary about the low chances of rehabilitation once people go to prison. So things don't look good.

mi said...

Not a fun ending. I'm glad it was nothing more, but it sounds pretty scary.

We had to cross police lines when I went into labor with Logan. It took all kinds of maneuvering to get Hayden to a place where the inlaws could take him so we could get to the hospital. Police seemed unmoved by my contractions. Apparently, a neighbor a few buildings down thought it would be a good idea to hold someone hostage with a high powered rifle.

Tracy P said...

You know I live for this sort of thing... Did you feel like you were on The Wire?