Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

You Can Sustain

We spent about a million dollars to take the kids to Lego KidsFest yesterday. What a bad idea. It was basically about as cool as going up to your room and playing legos for two hours. Also Mac was being kind of a turd and kept running away from me in the convention center.

So basically, I would only recommend Lego KidsFest if you are like 100 percent committed to Lego as a lifestyle or something. Otherwise, you can probably find cool pictures of Lego statues to look at on the Internet.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

So, two alarming things happened in class today. Somehow, I was watching this hilarious version of Bonnie Tyler's music video for the classic "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

Since it's May, it's best not to overanalyze how I ended up watching this video between classes. Something about "Take on Me" and then "Friday" and then the literal video meme. Whatever, that's not even one of the alarming things.

Anyway, first I was alarmed to discover that my students DO NOT KNOW THE SONG "TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART." Seriously like omg, this is a TIMELESS CLASSIC.

Then, I was alarmed to find myself belting out the song in front of the class because I was sure that if I just sang a few bars, they would know it. OF COURSE THEY KNOW IT!

But, no. They don't. And they were especially horrified when I tripped over Joe's backpack while singing the song they didn't know. Luckily, I only stumbled and did not fall all the way to the ground.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

All My Life I've Been Good. But Now.

Last week sometime one of my students told me we had 22 days left of school. I'm usually counting down myself by now, but this year I'm not. It's pretty much been a spectacular year.

I'm sure the summer will be awesome, too, but it's always nice to appreciate what you have while you have it.

In that vein, I'll also mention that Mac is currently napping and I just got finished running to Shakira. If you're ever having a hard time getting yourself to go exercise, my advice is to try Shakira or Kelly Clarkson. Make those your channels on Pandora. Your partner might make fun of you when you come home still dancing to "She Wolf," but that's a small price to pay for fitness.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thanks Olive

I got a terrible migraine last night. I thought it was gone this morning, but then as soon as I got to school it came raging back.

Then what happened was I drove home squinting to minimize the amount of light that entered my eyeballs and I got in bed and slept for four hours.

Later I thought it was gone, but then I went with Dan to the video store and it came back and made me feel like I was going to puke. So we drove home and I got in bed and put a pillow over my eyes to stop the light and slept for awhile.

Now I think it might be gone, but let's be real: it's probably not.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yesterday Was Thursday

If Shef feels bad about something that happened during the day, he'll often confess it right before I put him to bed.

Tonight he blurted this: "Mom, I accidentally wrote poop on Scratch."

Scratch is a programming thing that he usually uses to program Harry Potter spells. I have no idea how it works.

"How do you accidentally write poop?" I asked.

"Wellll..." he said.

I think this kind of thing will probably happen again and again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Be A Queen

Last night, I took Shef to my cousin Emily's first communion. While I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school from ages 3 to 17, and served as an altar girl in my family's parish; Shef actually knows nothing about Catholicism.

Here are just a few of things I had to explain to him while we sat through the (interminable) first communion mass:
  • The first communion dresses and suits
  • The sign of the cross
  • The golden loin-cloth wearing Jesus ON the cross
  • The "on my mind, on my lips, and in my heart" thing that you do before the Gospel
  • The kneeler
  • Proper kneeler etiquette
  • The peace sign
  • Proper peace sign etiquette
  • The missalette
  • The reason I know all of the signs and prayers by heart
  • The baptismal font
  • The sprinkling of baptismal font water over the heads of the congregation
  • The procession of the gifts
  • The gifts
  • The robes of the priest
  • The sacristy
  • Genuflecting
  • Eucaristic ministers
  • Getting a blessing from the priest
  • And of course, the transfiguration
There were probably more. Catholicism is like a second language. Shef was kind of amazed, but also kind of bored. Oh, well.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Hair Is Getting Way Too Long

First baseball game for the first grader. Little brother got to sit on the bench.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Out On The Road

Just like all the other challenge bloggers, I too miss the challenge.

To keep the dream alive, I decided to share a photo of the awesome keychain one if my students brought me from Disney World.

Does that kid know me or what?!