Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everybody All For One

The kids and I have been staying at my mom's house since Thursday because Dan's in Phoenix. She helped me drop Mac off at school on Friday (his school opens fifteen minutes before my first hour class starts). Then, since we were already here, we just stayed.

This afternoon, my mom and I decided to take the kids to the mall.

This was an incredibly stupid idea. I haven't taken them to the mall in... maybe a year? Maybe longer? That's because, as I remembered ten minutes after we got to Rosedale, it actually really sucks to take them to the mall.

We went up and down the escalator 15 times, and that was the highlight.

When we got home, we watched High School Musical 2 on my mom's DVR. It was a version that had little pop-up messages with behind-the-scenes tidbits on the making of the film. I got really addicted to the messages, and so finished watching he movie after the kids went to bed.

I now know that Troy's solo ballad was shot on the same afternoon as his picnic with Gabriella. Also, Kelsi and Ryan each wore 13 different hats in the movie.

Knowing this information will probably increase my enjoyment of the film during the next 15 or 20 viewings.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blinded By the Light

This year has been such a weird mix of exhilaration (Best Year Evah!) and almost falling off a cliff of anxiety and busyness.

Basically, whenever something happens to upset the (extremely tenuous) balance - kid sick, parent sick, parent traveling, major shake-up at work, Dan working all the time (even more than usual), or babysitter sick - things get sort of terrible.

This week, I'm sad to say we're dealing with four of the conditions listed above.

Rachel told me tonight that she thinks she should write herself a letter to open every year. The letter would say, "FEBRUARY ALWAYS TOTALLY SUCKS." And then she'd remember and maybe not be so miserable. It's a good idea. Let's consider this blog post that letter.

Hey you in February 2011 with the left ear sticking out: It'll be better in March!!

Okay, great. Done. I feel so much better.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bright Light

Ten years, two kids, two graduate degrees, two houses, and two cup sizes (I'm sorry to say that's a minus two), and we're still Valentines!

This is the most recent photo I can find of Dan and me. It's five years-old and blurry. What does this mean?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Know What To Do, G

I'm scheduled to run my fifth marathon on June 6th, and this was my first week of training. I'm not going for a fast marathon this time, just a finished marathon. I think it's better just to train to finish because there are a lot of variables on race day that can derail a fast time. This fall at Twin Cities I had lots of foot and leg cramps. Another time at Grandma's I got really sunburned and dehydrated.

But, if you just train to finish I've found that sometimes you inadvertently run fast. One time in 2002, I accidentally qualified for the Boston Marathon with 47 seconds to spare.

That was so awesome. I hope that happens again sometime, like maybe on June 6th.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shine On

Status Update: Mac is becoming a two-year-old, sure enough. He speaks in sentences now. Here are a some samples:

"No want it."

"No want to."

"Poopy in potty."

This is not my favorite age, FYI.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Quicker Than a Ray of Light

I took a personal day today to attend Shef's Literacy Feast, which was adorable. The kindergartners dressed up in chef's hats and aprons and recited poetry about food and sang songs about food, including one in French. Then they served the foods mentioned in books that they like.

Don't worry: we're making a video about the Feast which we'll edit and post to this blog. Just as soon as we're done.

After the Feast, I came home for a day of rest and relaxation after the past week, which has been (and I'm not overstating this even one bit) COMPLETELY MISERABLE.

I made a cup of coffee, and then I did this:

Four loads of laundry.

Sorted the mail and made a file for the tax documents.

Mapped out the summer. On the calendar.

Registered for Shef's summer soccer.

Purchased tap shoes for Shef's dance class. Free two-day shipping.

Submitted a proposal to teach a three-week summer school class called "Write for Justice" to middle schoolers.

Booked Shef's birthday party. Rock climbing. 10 kids.

Reviewed application materials for my next graduate program and read an article on plays by American women in the 19th century to prepare to write my personal statement.

Then, I picked up the kids and flung us back into the house. Before I left to get the kids, I felt like I really was having a day off. I think that might be a little sad.