Friday, October 23, 2009

Star Spangled Eyes

Dan and the kids came into the bathroom while I was using my neti pot.

"Oh, geez," Shef said. "That looks gross."

Well, no one invited you in here, Champ. That's what I was thinking.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm On the Bleachers

On the Thursday of MEA break, Shef and I took Mac to school, went for coffee and sweet rolls, dropped off a birthday present for Dan's dad, spent some time in my classroom, headed over to Kindergarten conferences, and then spent five hours at The Waterpark of America with my cousins and their kids.

On our first tube slide, Shef cracked me up by yelling, "SWEET! SWEET! YEAH, BABY, SWEET!" all the way down.

And then, Mac surprised me on the second day of break (take Mac to school, do the laundry, clean out the dresser drawers, donate too-small baby clothes, pick up Mac, and wait for Dan to get home) by busting out his first two sentences: "Yes I do," and "I do it."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, Hey!

I think this has been my longest blog break in awhile. I feel like the reason is pretty simple:


Still, we're trying our best. As I've mentioned, I'm having the BEST YEAR EVER at school, with nice kids and great colleagues. Shef is exhausting himself in Kindergarten and hates weekends because he loves school so much. Mac can make lots of animal sounds, identify his body parts, sing and dance, and he loves swimming. And of course, Dan works. A lot. All the time.

Did I mention our house is for sale?

Also, I get up every day at 5:15?

And, I look SO OLD? I seem to have no cheeks, but still have cellulite and saddlebags.

Finally, I've been using my neti pot for five days. It's making a difference. I recommend the neti.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Put Your Hands Up

Marathons are a combination of training and luck. My training since school started has been pretty spotty (as in, I've run six times in the last four weeks), and I had a some bad luck in the form of wicked foot and calf cramps beginning at mile 14 and continuing through the end.

Still, I'm so happy to have finished this race! I didn't make my time goal, but I gave it a good shot. I saw a lot of great friends on the sidelines, and three of my best and oldest friends were also in the field. Between the four of us we've now run thirty marathons. Amazing! Only four of those marathons are mine, and I think I'll probably do another one sometime. It's a pretty cool way to spend a morning, after all.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Go Out And Smash It

Tomorrow is my first marathon in seven years. In between that last marathon and this one, I've had two pregnancies, two c-sections, and hundreds of nights of substandard sleep. So, this return to the 26.2 is like a little victory lap for accomplishing all of that. I'm running with my friend Jamie, and we're wearing matching two-tone blue shirts, which is great because I love to match in races.

As a bonus and thanks to gallons of Germ-X, I think I've avoided pre-race sickness despite coming into contact with a kindergartner, a toddler, and hundreds of teenagers each day. Tomorrow at about noon, I expect to become ill. But I don't care. Because I'll probably be a marathon finisher once again. I really hope the t-shirt is cool.

If you want to track me online, you can. Check the TCM Homepage. There should be link. My number is F438. Race starts at 8:00am central time.