Book Lists!

Here's a handy clickable list of the annual book review posts. And remember, I review as I go on Twitter and Goodreads. You can also get a twice-monthly newsletter with updated book recs HERE.

Favorite Fiction

2014: Bulawayo, Fowler, Kidd, Ng, and Ozeki
2015: Henriquez, Hosseini, Mandel, Moriarty, and Offill
2016: Crucet, Moriarty, Patchett, Sittenfeld, and Whitehead
2017: Egan, Hamid, Khong, Ng, Porter
2018: Galbraith, Jones, Massey, Mirza, Stradal, and Wang
2019: Caletti, Downing, Miller, Murata, Reid

Favorite Nonfiction

2014: Brosh, Hillenbrand, Hoose, Jamison, and Woodson
2015: Bell, Coates, Gay, Gilbert, and Kim
2016: Bechdel, Brown, Galchen, Kaling, and Smith
2017: Heffernan, Klein, Murakami, Rankine, Rubin
2018: Sedaris, Tharp, Westover
2019: Chung, Jacob, Laymon, Obama, Philpott

Favorite Audiobooks

2014: Fowler, Hillenbrand, Ng, Ozeki, Perrotta
2015: Galbraith, Gilbert, Hawkins, Moriartyx2
2016: Anderson, Brown, Smith, Weir, Wood
2017D'Aprix Sweeney, Gyasi, Noah
2019: Laymon, Murata, Obama, Poeppel, Whelan

Favorite Middle Grade/YA

2014: Anderson, Hoose, Rowell, Sloan, Woodson
2015: Alexander, Bell, Lowry, Telgemeier, Yoon
2016: Benjamin, Bradley, Dumas, Rowell, Schlitz
2017: Pennypacker, Thomas, Yang & Pham
2018: Weir
2019: Caletti

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