Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guess What?

I'm so totally going to be blogging again!

It's that magic time of year called MEA BREAK, when all teachers across Minnesota sort of kind of get their lives back after the first frantic weeks of school.

Here are some highlights of the first weeks:

First, I've really been dressing better, thanks to my favorite store Ann Taylor LOFT. I have not, however, been accessorizing; so I'm really only 1 for 2 on my back-to-school fashion goals.

Second, we had a chemical spill at school and had an unexpected day off, on which I cleaned my closet and went to lunch with my sister, who's still home from Senegal thank the Lord.

Third, I'm teaching unmotivated seniors in an elective, which is a new adventure. Some of these seniors display a shocking level of laziness. Seniors, it's only October! The slide doesn't start until March! Also this class is about YouTube, for frick's sake!


KC said...

I still haven't blogged about Zumba! I'm going to do that tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Blogging contest? I see one in the near future, after NCTE. Can't wait--love the blog and the contests!!!

kc said...

Yes, N, there will be a contest!! Also, will you start a blog?!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I can start a blog. I would be v. boring. You and Lee are the tops and keep me going! (Dan's blog can be pretty funny as well.) Shhh. Don't let on that I said that.