Monday, November 29, 2010

Dream Classroom

My teaching has changed so much in the last couple of years that not even my physical space makes much sense anymore.

I loved the other glogs that have been shared in this challenge, so I decided to make a glog about my dream classroom.

If I get the grant I'm applying for from the parent council, I'll only have $500 to start with. What do you think I should do with it?


mm said...

I would totally go for tables and chairs although it doesn't seem like enough money. Maybe it's best to start with rugs. Good idea and question...

lee said...

I think this sounds awesome. And your glog is great too.
I would like to redo my little office. I would actually like some artwork on the walls. It's very bare in there right now. Did you get the grant or just hoping to get the grant?

kc said...

I think maybe I should get like 2 tables with chairs and then keep some desks? I need a rug for small group teaching space, I think.

I am just hoping to get the grant. But the principal told me that almost no one applies for these grants, so maybe??

Jim said...

The principal is an idiot, so disregard his comments as dribble. You have a good chance at the grant because you're a good teacher with good ideas, not because of how many people apply.

I was thinking the other day that if I could have something in my classroom it would be a flat-screen HDTV. Like 42 inches or more. They are so much better than projectors and the screen. Plug your laptop into an HDMI and see what it looks like. It's incredible. It seems trivial, but I think the clarity and vividness of that screen would change the class. Also, the kids could plug in whenever they want to show their projects. It would make grading a lot easier.

Otherwise, I'd put the money toward something cool like an iPod Touch or an iPad and use that to inspire the kids to get their own (hey, it is Edina for goodness sake). Then you could do the cool stuff that's built for those devices.