Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Will Fight Till Forever

Shef has homework now.  Here, he's working on a word wall project in which he had to write a story about a flower AND design the flower.  He came up with a great story idea involving a stream, a giant mango, and a wand.

I was really happy to sit around and talk about the story with him, but the fact that he's become obsessed with perfect handwriting really slowed us down. 

"Keep writing!" I told him.  "We can fix it on the final draft!"

That only sort of worked.


mm said...

No worries... I was raised on guilt.

I hate it when people worry about handwriting. Maybe it's because mine is horrible.

LH said...

Homework. Don't get me started.
But that flower thng looks v. Awesome.
I think shef is a v. Adorable young man.

jdoc said...

I used to crumple up my homework and start over when the handwriting wasn't good. Maybe this speaks to how I've been avoiding my dissertation. Tell Shef just to get it done!

StreibProjects said...

I need cool homework ideas! So keep posting :)