Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Malaprop Mac

Awhile ago, I wrote that Mac sometimes confuses the words "volcano" and "commando."  Like, he'll say "he's going volcano" when he's wearing pants with no underwear. 

So, last night we discovered another adorable little vocabulary confusion of his.  At dinner, we're in the habit of telling our roses, thorns, and buds.  The rose is something good that happened to you that day, the thorn is something not so good, and the bud is your hope for the next day.  Of course, our kids misheard Claire when she said "bud" for the first time, and now we're in the habit of chanting, "YOUR BUTT!  YOUR BUTT!  YOUR BUTT!" before that portion of people's reports.

That, however, is not the ADORABLE malapropism.  It's this next thing:
During Mac's turn to tell his highs and lows, he stopped before his butt and said, "Okay, play the cello!"

"Cello?" I asked.

"Yes!  Do the cello!" he said.

So, I pantomimed some cello playing.

"No!" he said, smiling.  "Like this!" And then he started drumming his hands on the table.

"OH!" I exclaimed.  "You mean DRUM ROLL!"

"Yeah!" he laughed.  "CELLO!"

We all celloed it up happily.  And now I'm sensing our new tradition will now be Rose, Thorn, Butt, and Cello.

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jdoc said...

This is just too cute! Love that boy.