Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Short Bio

Today's learning was about what makes a good bio. I had to write a bio about myself to be included on a professional site. I'm going to be a blogger and discussant for an online community hosted by the National Association of Independent Schools. They call it Teachers of the Future.

So, I obviously wanted my bio to make me sound cool, smart, fun, and approachable. Read some sample bios. Read some advice. The advice was to keep it short. As one guy wrote, "Everyone wants your bio to be shorter." Good point. Some people said to include accomplishments, but some said that the accomplishments shouldn't be too old. Haven't you done anything since? I decided to skip accomplishments all together. Being in education is accomplishment enough. I teach twelve and thirteen year-olds. There aren't that many people that love to do that as much as I do.


KC said...

Weird - in my email, I saw comments, but they are not here. Anyway, MM, yes, I wrote a bio but is has my whole name and the name of my school, so I can't post it. ;) It's about 4 sentences long.

LH said...

I really like the pyramid format for the bios. I learned a lot here. Thanks, woman. And congrats on being nominated. You are awesome.