Friday, August 7, 2015

Party People

Super Pal Melanie asked me to go to a VENUE to see LIVE MUSIC last night.


So, I went, and I felt really hip and now until we sidled up to the bar, and Mel led off with a request for the "least alcoholic beer" they offer.

I dropped my jaw and stared at her.

"I'm DRIVING!" she explained, raising her right arm in defense.

"In three hours!" I said.

The bartender offered some kind of grapefruit-infused 3-2 in a can.

"Is it good?" Melanie asked.

"NO!" the bartender and I said.

"This is embarrassing," I told her.  "Order a Summit already."  She agreed to order a Summit.  The bartender nodded approvingly.  "And," I said, "I'm totally blogging about this later."


Melanie said...

But I brought the #momarmy so that's good

Unknown said...

I love this blog! #winning