Sunday, July 10, 2016

Annals of Summer: Bad Parenting

texting, parenting, good parenting

Our kids are so big these days that it turns out it's easy to lose track of them.  For instance, I texted Dan asking how Mac was doing at the hockey store.  Dan, as you can see above, texted back that Mac was actually home with me.  Oops!

I checked, and sure enough, he was indeed in the house, locked away in the attic playing Plants vs. Zombies. Phew.  A minute or so later, Dan wanted to know how he actually was.  Maybe he was worried that I wasn't taking adequate care of our precious child.

plants vs. zombies, attic, parenting

I was just kidding about him being a pain.  He's totally not a pain, and we would never call him Captain Surlypants.  Dan was just kidding about that, too.

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jdoc said...

This made me laugh out loud.

LH said...

Let's keep an eye on the kids, okay?

On another note, are you all playing Pokemon Go as a family?