Sunday, October 2, 2016

3 Reasons My Life is Sad

Jay Cooke State Park, Hiking, Aging, Trail Running

Reason #1: My idea of a good time these days is two and-a-half hours in the car. Here's the story: Shef was dying to run a race in Duluth, a picturesque city located two and-a-half hours north of home. But he couldn't catch the bus because of stupid hockey try-outs.  I quickly agreed to drive him up there, asking, "You'll want to take the bus home, right?" Because if he did, do you know what would happen? I would be alone in the car. I would listen to the audiobook I've been trying to finish (Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad this time.) And, I would be free to stop at the State Park pictured above, which leads me to..

Reason #2: I stopped at Jay Cooke State Park with the idea of taking a power walk in the woods and thinking about the characters in my novel. Anna Quindlen says she does this kind of composition on the move, and who wouldn't want to be like Anna Quindlen? Well, the day was so beautiful and the designated Hiking Club trail was so inviting, that I began to jog.  Immediately, I began sucking wind. Still, I willed those feet in motion, alternately walking fast and running slow. What's sad about this is that I'm in not-so-good physical condition. Also sad is the other topic I fantasized about, after I realized several helpful things about my main characters...

Reason #3: When I arrived home, I set time aside to do some online shopping. I'm really pumped because this year, I'm getting new control-top tights. I'm partial to Spanx control-top tights. They're spendy, but mine have lasted more than two cold-weather seasons! And you just wash and dry them like regular with your other clothes! Unheard of! Especially exciting about the new crop of Spanx  is that I ordered a purple pair of tights! Purple! In the same shopping session, I also splurged on some orthopedic boots from Schuler Shoes. That's the old people's orthopedic footwear shop.  In more sad news, I feel my plantar fasciitis creeping back over the soles of my feet. Do you know what it's caused by? It's caused by arthritis in my big toes. Do you know what THAT's caused by? It's caused by degeneration due to aging.  I'm old.

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mm said...

I understand some of your comments and your title, but I think we should agree to disagree on the sadness of your life. It seems these are actually three reasons why your life is not sad. Colson Whitehead is coming to Talking Volumes. It's exciting because I loved his writing and learned a lot reading the book.