Monday, March 30, 2020

Quarantine Diaries #3

Starting this very day, there will be structure and order in our lives.

Well, that's my intention, but let's be honest: we'll probably end the day in a big pile of steaming failure.

But, wait!

Optimism, hope, and incremental progress!

Here's the plan: the children's online learning begins. For this first week, their learning is all asynchronous, but I've decided everyone will work from nine until noon. OR, they can work from ten until one. It's their choice. Either way, a snack break can occur at the 90-minute mark of the work period. If there is no work to be done, they can read or do Khan Academy or study for the ACTs, or, let's face it, they could just pretend to work, and I'd never know.

Dan said while making his latte, "I can't wait to see how today goes."

I said, "I notice you let me be the one to tell them about the routines."

Dan laughed in a guilty little way he does when he has, in fact, shifted responsibility in my direction. "Well, you're a teacher."

I raised an eyebrow. "You have to help enforce."

"I will!" Dan seemed sure about this, but I felt suspicious.

"You can't say, 'Your mother says.'"

He promises he won't. I'll report back. Optimism, hope, and incremental progress. Eye roll.


mm said...

Good luck!

LH said...

Routines rock!

jdoc said...

I hope it went well. We are on the second full week of homeschool. My kids generally follow the routine but they also need me ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

Jessica Smith said...

Hi! I just finished reading your novel and as an English teacher for 20+ years, I must say that you nailed it. I really appreciated the little details like keeping deodorant at school and the way Isobel’s character has learned to project a veneer of cheer, even under duress, after many years of teaching (122). I even share her disdain for teachers who round up (55). Most of all, I enjoyed the suspenseful plot that resolved with a lot of heart at the end. Thank you!

KC said...

JESSICA! This comment absolutely made my day. Thank you!! And, I hope you're online teaching is going okay if that's what you're doing.