Monday, June 13, 2022

A New Leaf

 I'm always turning them over, but that seems okay, doesn't it? A sort of perpetual hope? 

Today's new leaf is about a summer routine. We buffered the school year schedule and the summer schedule with a period of intensity that has been perhaps unmatched in West family life. We did:

  • Section track meet, a two-day affair
  • Mac's 8th-grade graduation
  • My final grades and comments
  • Shef's graduation from high school
  • Shef's state track meet, a two-day affair where he won the two-mile and finished third in the mile. This was also his final high-school competition, and we all knew while we watched him race that he will no longer wear the blue and green.
  • Shef's graduation party
  • Mac's birthday! That kid is 14 and "celebrated" his milestone by watching Shef race and also going to a party for Shef and his friends. He was a good sport, but come on. That sucked a little.
  • Lots and lots of other graduation parties for kids I have taught and liked forever
  • A visit to a book club that read Are We There Yet? It was a little awkward because when I arrived, I thought they'd read Home or Away. Luckily, even in my near delirium, I managed to remember the names of the characters in my second novel.
So, now is the leaf-turning. I have a planner with checkboxes. I have a keyboard and a computer. I have coffee in a mug with a refill planned already. I have reasonable, habit-forming goals. I have a new jazzy focus playlist on Spotify. I spent ten hours in bed last night.

We're going to do this. I'm warmed up now.

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LH said...

That is a list of some v. wild intensity.

I'm glad you're on the other side.

And leaf turning is a good thing imho.