Sunday, August 13, 2023

Status Report

 #MWFA Make Writing Fun Again was my last-ditch, total desperation, Hail Mary plan to reclaim an optimistic writer identity and get through my summer of intensive work on Book 4. The plan was to write in all the ways that make me happy: in quippy Instagram stories, in Strava posts, in my newsletter, and here on the blog. I wasn't really thinking about making other people enjoy the writing, but rather just doing writing that is fun for me. 

Guess what? It worked! Writing became sometimes more fun and always more tolerable. I definitely feel happier now than I did in June. And, I also feel more committed to being a writer now than I did in June. We'll see how this goes.

Anniversary Celebrations We had the 21st anniversary of our marriage, which I mentioned. Also, it was the 150th anniversary of my school. I both went to the school from PK-12, and now I teach there. I really, really didn't want to go to the anniversary celebration because I felt nervous, and I don't like fun. But, I had to go because of contracts and reasons. As you can probably guess, it was way more fun than I worried it wouldn't be. And, a few of my friends are in a faculty band, and they absolutely crushed their gig. I did love that part.

Running Always a standby stalwart favorite. Tomorrow we begin the high school cross country season. I'm in my second year as coach of the Bears, and guess what? I got a promotion. Last year I was an Assistant Coach. Now, I'm Associate Head Coach! This was an excellent gold star, and I'm thrilled. My own running continues, and I'm trying to just be myself, race hard, and not worry about who beats me and doesn't. This relates to my final topic.

School Year Mantras and Mottos I always have one. They help with daily function and intentionality. I need one for this year, and it's on my to-do list for this week. My first idea, which I'm not committed to just yet, is something like "Live Today." You can let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I like the motto "live today" but it seems too generic and I can't tell if you are being serious about it in your post!

On a related note, it's teacher workshop week and I ate three (3) Dove chocolates because they were on the table, and I was hungry. Mostly, I like to read the messages inside, which can function like a motto?

Chocolate motivation/motto:
1. "Today is your day"
2. "Be fearlessly authentic"
3. "Be good. Do good."

Not exactly inspirational; perhaps they are aspirational? IDK.
Some people like to use a single work rather than a motto for the year. "Peace" "Prosperity" "Enjoy" and so on. Good luck!

LH said...

Did you pick the motto?

Mine is, "I'm doing okay."

Basic, but gets the job done.

Henry Andrews said...

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