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Ok, so it's sort of Monthy(ish), but it's still pretty good. Check out a few back issues and then subscribe!

Issue 1:  A Book Stack featuring Thug Kitchen and Shonda Rhimes.  Tween Teacher Tips: How to contact your kid's teacher.  And links!

Issue 2: Book Stack with Taliban Shuffle, Gin: A Manual, and more Shonda.  Earbud Confidential for Audiobooks, and a Boston Marathon Retrospective.

Issue 3: Tween Teacher Tips on the painful realities of middle school friendships,  a plea for help on choosing my next read, and links!

Issue 4: Tween Teacher Tips on finishing strong, a short Book Stacks, and links, including one to Dan's conversion to veganism.

Issue 5: Book Stack with Mindy Kaling, It's Perfectly Normal, Leviathan Wakes, and Kenneth Ginsburg. Super Links with my most recent favorite genre writer, Michael Connelly, and a Round-Up on my latest work at Literary Quicksand.

Issue 6:  Helping kids with disappointment and Summer To Be Reads!

Issue 7: How to tell kids they smell (nicely) and Summer Book Bag from the Middle School library!

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