Friday, November 18, 2005

What is, "Low Expectations"?

I’m oddly calm about the party we’re having tomorrow. We’ve invited seventyish people, so this feeling of zen I’m experiencing is really quite extraordinary.

I think the calm stems from a couple of philosophies that I’ve come upon since becoming a mother. First, I have a new vision of efficiency. If I have sixty uninterrupted minutes, my god! I can clean the entire house from top to bottom and still have time left over for a shower.

Second, I feel strongly the party needn’t be perfect. In fact (and this is kind of a shock), I think I might have given up on “perfect” altogether. This party, I realize, doesn’t have to be the best, most fabulous party anyone has ever been to. It must only be a good way to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon -- it must only be good enough.

And that seems pretty stinkin’ manageable.


jdoc said...

I have adapted the same philosophy for my paper. Must only be good enough. I can live with that. I think.

Looking forward to the par-tay.

jdoc said...

I think you should now write about what a huge success the party was and then hurry up and have another one.

KC said...

bossy, bossy!!

i'm just about to work on a write up. also, i was wondering when YOU are having a party?? I for one, want to come to it.

jdoc said...

That was bossy. I apologize.

Party when the paper's done, baby!

BTW: I'm pretty sure all this typing is making my forearms tingle. It all makes sense now.