Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Fostering Reasonable Expectations

Shef: I want to play soccer, Mama.

Me: Okay, great! You can play soccer.

Shef: No,actually I want to play baseball with the Twins.

Me: Oh, yeah? How about playing t-ball next summer with Drew? That would be fun.

Shef: No. The Twins, Mama.

Me: Ok-ay…

Shef [brightening]: Do you wanna come watch me play with the Twins?

Me: Yes. Absolutely.


Martha said...

Rule number 132 of parenting, as taught to me by my children. Don't nay say their dreams! Good thing Mary didn't express a desire to be an exotic dancer.

I only learned this rule after expressing doubt about potential careers - Pro golfer, Pro Hockey Player, Pro Snowboarder.

Oh, I gues I have done something similar lately. Peace Corp? Africa? I don't want you to go there!

You're a fabulous mom!

LH said...

i'd like to come and watch him play with the twins too.
i'm just inviting myself along.