Thursday, November 2, 2006

The Peer Group

Ethan is the kid Shef learned the f-word from last spring. Ethan also says “shut up,” and, as a bonus, he’s the class biter. So, you know, we’re thrilled to have him in Shef’s room at school.

Of course, I’m not the mother of a model preschooler, but I did check with Teacher Jeanne last week and verified that Shef has not sunk his teeth into a single compatriot, even though he has bruising puncture wounds on his shoulder and his wrist, all courtesy of Ethan.

I guess mostly I’m relieved that I’m not Ethan’s mom because I was really humiliated for those two weeks when Shef was yelling “fuck” on the playground last spring. If he had continued in this vein, I think we would probably have had to move out of state.

So, today when I came to pick Shef up, he was sitting next to Ethan at snack time. I sighed internally and then decided the right thing to do would be to reach out. Ethan is, after all, supremely cute and only two years-old.

“Hi, Ethan,” I said, smiling.

“Fuck them,” Ethan said enthusiastically, raising his arms in the air.



mi said...

And so the battle of parent vs. peer begins. Good luck with this one. What does Shef's school do to deal with these things?

wahine808 said...

Holy cow, why does the school still allow him to attend with that language??? Has no one talked to the parents? I guess you just have to laugh sometimes!

LH said...

Ethan and I were in the same mood this week.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I am also interested, what does the school do? Our school has a follow-through program if the kids use potty words. Not sure we have breached the f-word yet!

Undomestic said...

Oh my!

I just found out that one of Cameron's good friends spends a lot of time in the "break chair" in school. So far, Cameron has spent no time there yet...he saves that behavior for at home, I guess.