Sunday, December 3, 2006

Who Needs Ethan When It Turns Out I'm a Violent Person?

Yesterday, as we were driving in the car, Dan was doing his darndest to get my ire up by making questionable comments about the women of the Food Network.

Finally, I couldn’t take anymore Rachael-bashing, and I gave his right arm a good whack, which was when all my good parenting and discipline techniques came back to bite me in the ass.

“DON’T HIT!” Shef admonished from the back seat.

Oh, shoot.

“That hurts Daddy. It makes Daddy feel sad.”

“That’s right, Shef,” Dan said, deeply satisfied. “It DOES hurt. Hitting is not nice.”

I stifled my laughter for long enough to say a deeply sincere, “I’m sorry,” and then the giggles took over.

“It’s not funny, KC,” Dan scolded, and then to Shef: “I think Mommy needs a time out.”



Ann said...

I have issues with Rachael ...none of her recipes take the 30 minutes she suggests. Maybe, just maybe, if I had a sous-chef who actually boiled my water and pre-cut all my veggies, I might make it. [I still like her books though!]

Ethan does sound like a little devil-child - glad Shef has moved on, even if it is only for few month reprieve.

LH said...

i don't watch any food shows except for top chef. but i might start. you never know.

you've taught shef well.

jdoc said...

That was a nice little test that you set up for Shef there. He passed with flying colors.

mi said...

No Rachael bashing for sure! So, did you enjoy your time out? I could sure use some time out!