Friday, December 22, 2006

Give me an A. This Quarter. Please!

You know right away when a couple of your usual suspects come up to your desk before the bell rings to confess that they’re really sorry, but their prescriptions ran out, and they haven’t taken their meds in a couple of days, that you’re going to have a heck of a Friday. When the Friday is also the last day before a two-week break, you know you better summon some hard-core PMA. I could tell everyone was as ready for the break as I was because:

  • When I stepped into the hallway this morning, en route to purchase coffee, I got hit by football. Apparently I got in the middle of “going long.”
  • I couldn't start my movie about mining companies in Kentucky because the hockey players in fourth hour (there are eight) would not stop yelling, “He farted on me! He farted on me!”
  • One of my fourth-hour cherubs tried to go to an English class next door instead of mine, and my pal Rachel had to walk him back over.
  • When she walked in with him in tow, the class was busy yelling about the farting.
  • When the mining protest songs started in the movie, the kids warbled along. They also yelled at the screen about how the women who were singing actually looked like men.
  • My Christmas card from Maddie read, “Have a pimpin’ HOLIDAYZ, Ms. W. You are my fav-o-rite teacher evurrr.”
  • The thesis statement in essay test I graded during the mining songs began, “Ok. First of all, this question is retarded.”

No sooner had I finally breathed a sigh of relief and packed up my load of papers at the end of the day, when a girl came in and said, “Um? Ms. W? There’s a huge fight going on outside.” I called the office, and then hurried outside just in time to see one of the fighters remove her belt and begin to whip her opponent.

If you think I was going to get in the middle of that one, you have another thing coming.


LH said...

Life at school this week was pretty horrific. I'm so glad it's over and that no one got hurt at the compound. Kids were running into walls by week's end.
yay for vacay!

jdoc said...

Enjoy your break. You've earned it.
Can we have coffee even?

KC said...

lh, i know. it's terrible the week before break. even worse when dan is not home, i discovered.

we are going to arizona for a week, jdoc. beginning on the 27th. Maybe coffee on Friday the 5th??

wahine808 said...

Jeez, Kathleen you crack me up! Seriously, after every entry I'm wiping tears from my eyse. And reminding myself that *that* is why I teach kindergarten! I admire you for doing what you do! Have a Merry Christmas!

Undomestic said...

Oh my! I couldn't help but laugh!

KC said...

you can't make this stuff up, you guys. high school teaching -- it's crazy. :)

Anonymous said...


My sister Emily told me that your blog would be great for me to read. Never did I imagine that you would tell the stories of my life as a middle school teacher. I laughed so hard I am wiping tears from my face, and reflecting on how you just made my day.

Thank you so very much! Keep sharing so I don't completly misplace my sanity : )

Amy Cress
6th grade Reading/English teacher