Wednesday, February 7, 2007


As you may remember, my sister got us a betta for Christmas. Buddy is a nice little fish. I like to feed him and watch him swim around in his purple tank.

I guess I find taking care of Buddy to be therapeutically simple. It’s easier than taking care of Shef, although, I’ll admit, not quite as rewarding.

The bottom line is there’s not as much at stake. If something goes wrong with Buddy, I’ll just flush and replace.

I like Buddy so much, I’m thinking of getting a betta for the sophs. I know they’d enjoy one of their own. We could talk to it about The Odyssey. We could have the betta act out the part of Scylla, the six-headed sea monster. We could pretend the betta is one of the seals that hangs out with Menelaus on the island of the Old Man of the Sea.


Undomestic said...

I think they'll love it! I fares better than ours.

jdoc said...

I had a seven who talked to my plants. She wanted to name them all, but I had to break the news that I had already named them. We agreed upon a nickname or two.

I think the betta would be a hit with the sophs. You could put little thought or word bubbles on the tank. Things like "I hope you all fail." From the fish, not you.

LH said...

We had a betta for awhile. Quinn named him Firebeam. He was into Pokemon back then.

We still miss that fish.

KC said...

yeah, i think the fish would be a good idea. i like the bubbles idea. i think that would be great.