Wednesday, February 21, 2007


First, Dan's trial ended last week, so he will no longer be sojourning to Iowa for months at a time. Woot.

Also, We went to Paris last weekend for our first real get-away from Shef. He had a fabulous time with his grandparents, so much so that I think he feels a little let down by just us. We can't compete with a days at the ski hill, building a marshmallow and frosting castle, and a Lightning McQueen sheets set.

Perhaps his dissatisfaction with his real life is why he hit me with his rhythm sticks at music class tonight?

No matter how cute the kid, it always sucks to be the one trying to restrain your offspring while everyone else Too-da-la's while trying diligently not to make eye-contact.


Undomestic said...

Oh, my kids are not the picture perfect students at music class either. Ours consists of a group of 1 year olds who listen and hang out with their mommies. A couple Japanese kids who sit nicely on thier mommies' laps and do all the required motions for each song. Then there are my two monsters. Ella crawls all over the place, only paying attention half the time..mostly concerned about being able to sit in the basket with all the instruments, or rummaging through everyone's belongings in the cubbies. Max actually sings, more than anyone else in the class, but half the time he's crying because he wants some PB&J, or he's trying to hide in the corner, or he's hogging all the rattle eggs. I can practically hear the scoffs coming out of the other mom's heads. Oh well.

And that Shef...oh my how much older he looks in that picture!

And Paris...France? For the weekend?

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of Cari's and read your blog from time to time as she has a link to it on her page. Shef is adorable! I had to post a comment when I saw this about the music class. I have a 10 month old little boy and we're in a mixed-ages music class. While most of the class is doing whatever the teacher asks them to do, my little guy cruises and crawls all over the place like Ella- he is particularly interested in the outlets and locked cabinets- or alternately eating all the instruments and banging them loudly on the floor. Last week he threw a fit because he couldn't touch the autoharp while the teacher was playing a lullaby so I was holding him back and trying to quiet him down as he screamed. The other mommies were cuddling their little ones and swaying together in time to the lullaby, and just as you said, trying to avoid eye contact with me...

Ann said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip to Paris. I have to wait a few more years for our 'big' trip - but the thought of Paris seems divine.

Don't worry about the child at music class - they are simply avoiding eye contact because it was their kid acting out last week.

PS - running around and be crazy classes avoid that issue of being reasonable. Built right into the class ... and they nap better after as well!

KC said...

Good to know I'm not alone!

He does do swimming class, as well, for which he's pretty good. More physical I guess..