Saturday, March 31, 2007

Marconi Plays the Mamba

Last night, we whisked away to Vail, Colorado, where so far, I have been working on my master’s thesis while gazing out at a gorgeous mountain view. Although I have written 54 pages – that’s up from the 28 I had on March 6th before I got myself a coach and a support group – I am stuck on this part about the importance of space. I look at the heading:


and I just have a hard time starting to fill it in.

There was some sympathy expressed this morning at breakfast about me having to work on my paper while others hit the slopes, but I reminded everyone that I do not, in fact, have to teach school for awhile; so all is well.

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LH said...

glad you're getting some time to work. i have been stymied by a broken washing machine full of smelly water and clothes that needed wringing and bailing, but i think i'm ready to descend to the basement and produce some evidence of work.
enjoy your week away.