Sunday, April 1, 2007

Before This River Becomes An Ocean

A couple of weeks ago, I sat with Jessie in a coffee shop, and on my thesis-writing breaks, I read blog entries from her thesis-writing era. It turns out, thesis-writing made her hilarious. It doesn’t make me hilarious, but it does increase my blogging productivity.

I could expound on Shef’s recent spate of naughtiness, but instead I’ll just say I’m on the top of page 58. That includes references.


Rachel said...

58 pages? Now THAT'S bringing sexy back. I'm impressed.

trulybrilliant109 said...

I hate that song. Love KC's blog. Hate Timberlake. Got that. Let's review: KC=great; Timberlake=yuck.

Rachel said...

what he's not telling you here is that he occasionally sings that song. Over and over and over.

jdoc said...

Sadly grad school has made me dull and lifeless. I'll be funny again when diss time rolls around.

LH said...

are these justin timberlake songs?
i'm out of the loop here.
who did he end up singing with at the grammy's? wasn't there a phone in deal? I thought that was odd.

58 is GREAT!
do it again do it again we like it we like it.

KC said...

thank you for the encouragement!! these are not timberlake songs, but rather snippets of lyrics from the eighties. i don't know why THIS has become a motif, but i was feeling like my titles needed direction.