Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sharing the Laughter and Love

Today I went to a pretty-good staff development workshop where I learned several strategies. Some, like Dancing Definitions, I will surely try; and others, like Who, What, When, Where & How, I almost certainly will not.

WWWW&H requires some group chanting and clapping and pseudo-rapping that would absolutely make me look like a total idiot in front of the sophs.

In fact, I can imagine them brandishing their cell phones to take videos of me making an ass of myself that they would then upload to YouTube under the tags, “teacher” and “psychotic.”

I did, however, try the rhythm and clapping strategy with Shef and Dan. They seemed to enjoy it. I mean, first they had to get over the initial shock of what a total idiot I look like while digging the funky beat, but then, they started to harness the WWWW&H power.

I pseudo-rapped about NASCAR drivers and Shrek. Dan paid tribute to Belle and other NASCAR drivers.

Shef also liked to do the chanting. His most successful verses were about Cinderella. And her butt.

So, I’m sure I’ll have a few questions to answer tomorrow at preschool.


Maggie said...

You should ask Rachel about her "drug free" rap that she did in front of the student body at her former institution.

From the depths of my memory it is coming out as "There's no party like a drug free party." But I could totally be making that up.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the words of Cinderella and her butt!