Thursday, October 11, 2007

Vegetarians are the Enemy of Everything Good and Decent in the Human Spirit

My friend and dissertation-finisher, Lee, told me that Kitchen Confidential by sometime-Top Chef judge and vegetarian-hater Anthony Bourdain would be a good choice for reading.

She's right. It's wicked fun. And I'm learning valuable lessons, like don't order mussels ever and also no fish on Mondays. Furthermore, Tuesdays are really the best night to eat out.

And speaking of reality television, only 30-some days until Project Runway Season 4. There will be a challenge for sure.


LH said...

Congrats on the big Top Chef win, KC.
A. Bourdain really makes me laugh.
I love his TopChefblog.
I can not wait for the runway to start.
Last night I fell asleep with a
stack of papers on my lap in bed.
Husbandman found me with pen in hand and a big circle of red ink had blobbed onto a kid's paper. Great.
When he woke me up, i screamed out, "My neck!" the point of the story is I missed the Office. The show I was waiting for.

Undomestic said...

Looking forward to PR. Will be counting on you to let me know when it begins!!!

Ann said...

I should pick that one up. I think my dh gave it to my BIL who loves to cook - wonder if we have a copy too (that is not in storage).

Why no mussels ever??? I am sensitive to the little suckers so won't touch them ever but wondering why! (I mightn't ever find the book to read!)