Friday, May 30, 2008

Watched Pot

Ok, so the study I cited about the effectiveness of acupuncture for labor induction was conducted with women who'd already hit 40 weeks. I am just hitting that today.

So, we can all have faith and just believe that Ramon will start my labor next Tuesday if it hasn't started already. He says he'll be even more aggressive, using some points in my lower back. At one point during yesterday's treatment, he twisted and prodded at a painful point in my right pinky toe.

"Are you feeling anything in there with this?" he asked.

"Um?" I said, "He's moving. I feel some tightness."

This was less than satisfying to Ramon. "This point should really get it going," he said, twisting harder despite my grimaces. "It might be that you're just not quite ready yet," he said, patting my tummy when the twisting was through.

Here's the truth: regardless of how much I'd like to be, I am just not in control of this situation.

After the treatment, I had seven hours of irregular and unproductive contractions, so that's... something? I saw my OB this morning, and I let her check to see if there'd been any progress.

"Maybe, if it's the same as last week, you could just change the phrasing a little bit?" I suggested.

I could tell she was trying to accommodate me, but basically the message was, Things are pretty much the same as last week.

Surprisingly, I have a pretty zen-like attitude about today's situation. Shef is very sick - he has strep throat with all kinds of nasty symptoms. Dan is incredibly busy at work. And frankly, I don't think I'll allow myself to go into labor until our front yard is taken care of. It looks hideous, but I have called for help. Please, Lawn Guy, give me a call back soon.


Tom said...

This all sounds very familiar. Luke ended up coming 10 days past his due date. Real labor contractions started about 90 minutes after I finished a HUGE work project. With Dan so busy and Shef sick, your body probably won't let it kick in no matter how much Ramon twirls his needles. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the next few days of relative peace. :-)

anne said...

Your blood pressure is still not elevated?? Take a look at that lawn again. For a really long time.

Elizabeth said...

Eat Thai food. Seriously. It really works. Go to Rum Tup Thai by Uptown and get their Pad Thai. Extra Hot.