Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Viewers, This Is A Competition For You, As Well

It's Wednesday, which means it's time to cast your votes for the next three auf in the PR Challenge.

I'm picking Stella, the rocker chick who used the trash bags last week; Blayne, the tanning addict; and Emily. She made that weird dress with the sticky-up blue collar, and I think she might be boring.

Speaking of boring, is anyone sharing my lack of enthusiasm for Season Five? Maybe tonight will be more electrifying? We can only hope.

Post your guesses below OR visit the PR Challege group on Facebook. I think I'm more excited about the possibilities of Facebook than I am about the show. Here's what you do: Become my friend on Facebook. If you want to be my friend, but you don't know my full name, then email me at thesavvymomblog AT gmail DOT com. Then, on my profile, you can see the group "PR Challenge." Join it! Come on!


Jana said...

I have a Facebook account that I got about 2 months ago but haven't taken the time to figure it out yet so I'll just leave my picks here for now. Suede, Jerry and Stella. Off to watch!

Jana said...

Oh wait! Jerry left last week. Change him to Blayne!

Anonymous said...

I'm posting this before I watch tonight's show. I've tivoed it so I'll catch up this week.
My vote:
Emily, Kelly
Korto, Daniel
with Emily to win.

Jackie said...

I'm telling my niece, Katie, and my daughter about your Project Runway challenge. They can play as my proxy. I just can't start another addiction sponsored by the Savvy Mom right now. Just think--you've already started me down the 12 Step road for Blogger and Facebook.