Monday, July 21, 2008

Once We Know That We Are, We're All Stars

Dan and I are embarking on a new budgeting plan now that we're becoming a one-income family. The plan includes a weekly discretionary spending allowance for each of us. This week, though, we don't get any allowance because of the money sucking endeavor known as Having a Baby.

They charge for that. Did you know? They even charge for anesthesia that you weren't planning on using.

So, I know how this is going to sound, but clearly the major problem this week is that we have no alcoholic beverages in the house. No gin and tonics. No glasses of wine. No relief from the hours between 6pm to 10pm. Only intermittent screaming. And NO ALCOHOL.

The prospect is bleak.

Luckily, Dan had a brainstorm. "I know!" he said, looking smug. "I'm cashing in my change." He has a giant canister on his nightstand filled to the brim with coins he's emptied from his pockets over the last five-ish years.

"Awesome!" I said, thrilled with this idea. "It's half mine!"

He looked dumbfounded. "No, it's not," he insisted. "It's mine. I saved it."

"That change comes from dollars that you withdrew from our joint account," I pointed out. "It's half mine."

"But you spent yours."

"I use my change, and therefore, I withdraw less cash from the ATM. Your change is half mine."

I won this one, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be purchasing some cheap-ass boxed chardonnay for my drinking pleasure, and I won't be sharing.


abby said...

I stand firmly behind the boxed wine. Good move.

Cyndy said...

KC--I'm going to check out twitter and see why you can't follow me. I'm not very twitter-savvy.

Undomestic said...

No wine? If I knew where you lived, I'd seriously jump in the car right now and bring you some. That's not discretionary...that's necessary!

Cyndy said...

kc--twitter should be ok. i don't have any blocks on there so i don't know what's up.

LH said...

The wine's important, so good idea on the box.
I love the two blog perspectives on this issue you and pronto have brought to the fore.

abby said...

I also appreciate the dueling blog perspectives. And I voted for you, no contest. Sorry Pronto.

Miranda said...

They also charge for anesthesia that failed miserably.

Lizzie said...

Dan should know this, as he is a lawyer: marital assets. 50% of everything is yours.

Tom said...

Give me your address and I'll be happy to deliver some high quality gin. These are clearly desperate times. :-)