Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You're In - Post Your Guess for Tonight's Runway Winner Here or On Facebook

One of my pals just had a baby boy yesterday and posted some lovely photos on Facebook of moments after the event. They're images you've seen a million times, featuring a triumphant mother and a beautiful newborn looking into each other's eyes.

My friend looks radiant in these photos - really glowing with the joy of birthing her new child.

And of course, I'm super happy for her and her unbloated face.

Now, offered here for the sake of contrast, this is me about four hours after Mac was born:

Seriously. WTF?


SK said...

i'm actually going to reverse course and choose blayne for the win tonight. i know i picked him to lose previously, but i figure when you're 9 mos pregnant you're allowed to be fickle, right??

LH said...

I'm really bombing out on the runway. I just haven't been putting in the time the way I normally do.

You look terrific! You just had a baby so I'm gonna holla at cha.

jhw said...

I think you look beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

You looked awesome.
I don't even watch Project Runway, but I heard all about the holla at cha situation. So, holla at cha.

Molly said...

I don't know what you're other friends are thinking, but I'll be the honest one here: I laughed my arse off. You look absolutely hilarious. I loved it!