Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm Rob Base And I Came to Get Down

I've recently started to miss my job a bit.

"WHAT?!" Dan said when I told him. "Are you inSANE?!"

It's true I didn't really like my job at all last year. I dreaded going to it, and I was treated terribly by some administrators and parents.

But it's been six months since the baby was born, so I'm predictably under-stimulated. This is true even though I'm incredibly busy and helpful to my family in my current capacity.

I talked to my teaching friend Rachel about it on the phone this morning. She was between classes, sitting at her desk in her classroom.

"Oh, Kace,!" she said, when I confessed a certain wistfulness about educating the youth of America. "You cannot POSSIBLY be thinking of returning to THIS PLACE!"

Then, she regaled me with an appalling story about cheating. Today at 3:15 she'll have to meet with the dad of the cheater, who is an attorney and is staunchly defending the red-handed student, before the start of winter break. While she was telling me about it, she had to take a break to yell, "STOP WALKING ON THE DESKS!!!" to her sophomore class.

So, okay. Household Managing seems preferable to THAT.


anne said...

On those rare occasions that I think I might be missing teaching, I think about the time I spent my lunch hour fishing through one of those huge, nasty lunchroom garbage cans looking for a kid's retainer. It puts things in perspective pretty quickly.

Rachel said...

Meeting with Lawyer Dad was terrible--over an hour long of this guy spewing crap at two administrators and me. Ugh.

Sadly, the walking on desks wasn't out of the ordinary. In fact, I probably wouldn't have yelled or even really noticed, except that two kids were doing it, instead of one.

You don't miss that job. I know you don't.