Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rocks, Hills, and Plains

Christmas was wonderful this year, as usual. I've had fun being excited with Shef about making cookies, the gingerbread house, wrapping presents, playing with the nativity sets, discussing Santa, and watching The Grinch. As for the actual celebration, all of our family gatherings were enjoyable, and we all received many thoughtful and delightful gifts.

And now that it's the 27th, I'm especially glad that my annual bout of Holiday Anxiety is giving way to the other, more manageable types of neuroses I usually entertain. You know, like social anxiety, career anxiety, perfectionism, concerns about the future, endless rehashing of events past, and crippling inability to make even the smallest of decisions. (Dan: Do you want Thai or Japanese? Me: WHAT?! I don't know! What do YOU want?! I can't decide!! Just stop talking!! Let me think!! LET ME THINK!!!)


Last year for Christmas, I got this book called Prescription for Nutritional Healing, which lists the vitamins, minerals, dietary and lifestyle modifications that can be helpful for different ailments. I looked in it today because I've mostly been medicating this year's Holiday Anxiety with alcohol, which even I know is probably not recommended.

After a little reading, I think I've discovered why Holiday Anxiety is worse than my general state. It seems that, if you're anxious, you're supposed to limit caffeine and sources of refined sugar while increasing your intake of calcium and magnesium. You're also supposed to be sure to get enough rest and exercise regularly.

I, on the other hand, been taking high daily doses of high fructose corn syrup and Diet Coke since Thanksgiving. I'm on a no-dairy diet, and my daily multivitamin contains no magnesium. Further, I haven't had a workout in about three weeks, and I haven't slept through the night regularly in about five years.

Some of this stuff is just the harsh reality of being in my current life stage and situation, but I'd say there's a good chance I can at least do something about the calcium and magnesium.

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