Friday, July 31, 2009

Cabin Clean-Up Style

Way back in the winter, I promised Shef we'd go camping just the two of us this summer. He'd just discovered I owned a tent and decided we should use it for some other purpose than as a prop in our Peter Pan 2 movie. That movie rocked, by the way. It starred Dan as Captain Hook.

Anyway, Shef and I went camping last night at a state park about an hour from here. It was pretty great - we cooked out, played cards, went on a little hike, and I let the kid have two s'mores.

"I love camping," he said.

And, yeah, I agree. It's really fun.


LH said...

I wish I lived up there and you could show me how to do the camping thing. It looks pretty difficult, what with the tent and the smores and all. But I would like to try. And to bring #1 son.

Cool pic of mr. shef.

KC said...

well, i'm pretty sure shef would just adore q to no end. that would be a great trip. i could be marginally in charge. it's really not that hard, and there are flush toilets and even showers at these state parks.

Avery said...

toilets and that's my kind of camping! Love the pic!