Monday, July 20, 2009

He Knows All, But Tells Only Some

Mac has one recognizable word. It's "uh oh," and he looks really cute saying it. Otherwise, he communicates pretty well with grunts and pointing. And also with screaming.

And occasionally, he'll do a drive-by, when he'll say a word clearly and recognizably, but only once. Then he'll laugh maniacally and put his pacifier back in his mouth. He's done it with please and quack and Shef.

And, finally, he says, "babGAH," which is what he says when he wants you to stop bothering him about saying things.

When he wants some food:

"Mac, say 'Please.'"


When we pick Shef up from camp:

"Say, 'Hi, Shef!'"


When we're looking at dogs (which is a lot - the kid loves dogs):

"What does a doggie say?"


He's sort the kind of kid that you can tell will mostly get his way. Probably for the rest of his life.


Beth said...

Little kids so have the power don't they!!!????? So glad to hear the tri went well.

anne said...

Eleanor does just the same thing--says a word clearly, laughs hysterically when we tell her to repeat it, and refuses to repeat it. What kind of kid doesn't want to talk??

Unknown said...

8 year later comment