Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Pterodactyl in a Gay Jurassic Park

We've waited a year for Season 6 of Project Runway. It's finally here, and I'm so thrilled I feel like I could cry. And the addition of Models of the Runway? I'm so over the moon that I'm pretty sure I could not be happier unless I'd been photographed with several PR designers, including Ra'mon-Lawrence.

Oh, wait! Here I am with Ra'mon! (And Erin!)

So, I'm ecstatic. And, I'm definitely hosting a Runway Challenge. Dan (Co-Champion of Season 3) and I (I think I finished 2nd or 3rd one time) are for sure playing. I hope some other people are going to, too.

In addition, Dan is hosting a Top Chef Challenge. He's going to run it here on this website, which might mean that I have to let him guest post every week. He IS pretty funny, so I think that'll be fine for everyone, especially those who rue the day that Pronto deleted his blog.

So, here's the plan. The Runway Challenge begins THIS WEEK. You have to post your guesses for the next three designers to be auf'ed in the comments. My guesses are Malvin, Mitchell, and Shirin. You can see photos and bios of the designers here.

The Top Chef Challenge, run by Dan, begins next week, when there are 15 chefs remaining. Dan will probably post some kind of reminder, and then we'll have the stats for both competitions in the sidebar.

You probably want to play both challenges, right? I mean, why not?


Fleegel said...

I'm totally in for the PR challenge! I'm not sure if I'm up for TWO challenges, although the thought of Dan blogging live is pretty tempting. My guesses for the next 3 designers auf'd are Malvin, Johnny & Qristyl. Wait - do we pick a winner too?

Martha said...

OK. Here are my next three to kiss Heidi goodbye!
Qristyl - just bad taste
Althea - uninspired
Logan - for some reason he seems lazy to me

dw said...

I didn't cheap out. I just haven't found time to order the prize yet. Maybe I will do that tonight.

Martha said...

that was michael ...

Martha said...

hey where's the live an running commentary?

Liz said...

Love challenge time! My three are
carol hannah

Sarah said...

I haven't watced top chef from last night yet. Are we supposed to be putting in picks for that as well? I'll get picks in for both at some point soon.

Tom said...

I'm in for both! Now if I can just remember to post my picks from week-to-week...

This week's PR pics for the Aufing:

Anonymous said...

Lindsey's picks:


dw said...

Dan's Picks

Erin Dady said...

Johnny--I think he's bound to crack under the pressure.

Sarah said...

My picks are (and I am just about to watch this week's episodes):