Monday, August 24, 2009

They Are Becoming Themselves

Mac's new school is a very sweet Montessori, with a small number of children and a relatively large number of teachers. The materials are lovely, the environment is beautiful, and most important, Mac seems pretty happy there after his first five days.

One thing Dan and I especially like are the emails we get from the main teacher:

"Mac enjoyed banana work again today."

"Mac did some posting and pounding work and enjoyed flower arranging."

"We did some outdoor music and enjoyed a walk around the block. He walked most of the way."

"He did some water work and loved the sensory table."

We've taken to calling things "work" at home, too. Like, I'm going to do some painting work. Or, now I'm going to do my before-bed work. It's pretty fun.


Liz K said...

I am really going to miss Montessori. My sister was fond of saying they were preparing the children to be late 19th century house maids (Maggie loved the window washing work, the clothes washing work, the polishing work and the flower arranging work to name a few). Ellie was partial to the apple work but I think that is because Ellie is partial to apples. I am glad Mac is having so much fun.

Jana said...

Ha, Ryan's speech path calls his therapy work this and work that so we are stuck on the work word at our house too. :) Hope you are getting back into the swing of things at school!