Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey, Bust a Move

I got to see these adorables in Philadelphia:

I'm trying hard to become their favorite aunt-type person, but it's been hard because I haven't seen them in a long time. Or, in Ryan's case, ever. But now I'm well on my way, since I let Shef pick out fun and probably dangerous toys for them.

I can tell I'm making a big impression. Sophie asked, "Where did Katie go?" when I went to the bathroom at this restaurant. Katie is another nickname for Kathleen, so close enough.

And then later, her parents made her give me a hug.


LH said...

they truly are the adorables.

I like this photo.

Tracy P said...

You are definitely their favorite aunt-type person. Sophie even called you KC when you left! We are very excited to see you guys in Florida. You can really solidify your role then!

jdoc said...

I try to be the favorite aunt-type with most children. I've succeeded with only one so far. But I do feel pretty good about that.

KC said...

Shef started a voice thread for this picture. You can hear it at this link: http://voicethread.com/#u251517.b766911.i4068216