Sunday, May 15, 2011

All My Life I've Been Good. But Now.

Last week sometime one of my students told me we had 22 days left of school. I'm usually counting down myself by now, but this year I'm not. It's pretty much been a spectacular year.

I'm sure the summer will be awesome, too, but it's always nice to appreciate what you have while you have it.

In that vein, I'll also mention that Mac is currently napping and I just got finished running to Shakira. If you're ever having a hard time getting yourself to go exercise, my advice is to try Shakira or Kelly Clarkson. Make those your channels on Pandora. Your partner might make fun of you when you come home still dancing to "She Wolf," but that's a small price to pay for fitness.


KC said...

Pretty sure Shef took this photo. Probably on my phone.

LH said...

I'm going to try your advice. I have not been exercising and that is not positive.
Love this foto. And love that you're feeling better!

mm said...

"It's always nice to appreciate what you have while you have it."

Agree! Awesome advice!!

kc said...

You will never regret Shakira OR gratitude.


jdoc said...

I love that you have had a spectacular year! Fantastic.