Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finale: Minnesota TWINS

I want to thank Pronto for posing this blogging challenge.  I want to thank all the peeps for participating on whatever level they felt they could.  To finish the challenge, I'm going to write about TWINS.

Of course, I've always had a general affinity for the baseball them, as I'm a life-long resident of Minnesota.

When I was little, I hoped that I was a TWIN, but that my TWIN and I had been adopted into different families.  However, when I checked my birth certificate, I found out I was a single birth and not a TWIN after all.

Later on, I discovered that I look like lots of other people.  I've mentioned this phenomenon before.  Well, in high school, there was another girl named Casey in my class, and we looked quite a lot alike.  People got confused.  Were we TWINS?  No.  Once you see us together, you realize that we are just two girls with brown hair, blue eyes, Irish heritage, and the same name.

After I graduated from high school, I met my sister, Mary.  We are not TWINS.  In fact, we are eight years apart in age and don't look much alike except for our brown hair and pale skin.  However, when we first met, we were dressed exactly alike.  Identical outfits of yellow shirts and jean shorts.  That was pretty weird and cool, we thought. We were sort of like TWINS.

In my first two jobs, I had close buddies with whom I planned lessons and palled around.  I taught in adjacent classrooms with each of these ladies and, because of the high inclusion needs I've written about before, visited the bathroom and copy center with them every day.  This behavior led people to refer to us as TWINS, even though I don't look at all like either of them. 

I think that's all on the TWINS.  Godspeed, Twinkies!  I'll probably visit your stadium a time or two this season.


LH said...

As I've written in days of yore, I'm fascinated by twins. There are 2 boys in kinder who are not twins who basically look identical to one another. Everyone agrees with me. How could this have happened?

Challenge was a lot of fun.

Heather said...

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