Monday, April 8, 2013

Makes You a Fighter

I'm not sure Mac's tae kwon do teacher really understands the developmental reality of being four years-old; however, Mac is pretty proud of his application for yellow belt testing.

In case you're having trouble reading it, he pledges to uphold the principles of Song Moo Kwon and discipline his mind and body. Test is Thursday, after which point we might have two yellow belts in this house.


LH said...

I can't believe Mac can write so well at age 4.

I wish the kids at school would bow to me. That would feel great.

Mac and Shef are doing so many cool things.

mm said...

I appreciate Shef's work on the "written test". Well done!

Anonymous said...

Amazing writing for a four year old!, let us know how it goes! Love, Nana