Friday, April 12, 2013

Status Report

Mounds of snow in the middle of April: Check.

Mac's Yellow Belt Test: Successfully Passed.

Terrible diet: Raging for five days now. I feel disgusting.

Work: Breakneck. Same old.

Weekend: Packed. Mom-and-Dad taxi running nonstop.

So, in summary, I think it's time for a little natural Vitamin D around here. Woke up despondent yesterday, but pledged to be a Bright Light. In fairness, I was truly a Bright Light. But it took a lot of effort.


LH said...

Following your lead, I pledge to be a BRIGHT LIGHT this very day.

mm said...

Way to Go Bright Light!

Anonymous said...

Tough winters make being a bright light tough to do. Perhaps being a medium light is more realistic. Thinking of you and those yellow belters! The West family is a bright light in my life! Love, Mom/nana