Monday, May 6, 2013

Annals of Fast Food

Here's the moral of the story: Do not get fast food for your children, especially not on the way to a sporting event.

Here's what happened:

It's the busiest day in the world. Heading straight from school to tae kwon do. Dan plans to meet us at the dojang and then ferry Shef to baseball. Mac will accompany me to my violin lesson, where I have no chance of earning a sticker. There's no time at all for dinner, so I hit the drive through at Mickey D's on the way to TKD.

Everything's fine until Mac finishes his workout, and I hand him a chocolate shake. He drinks it for awhile, then looks at me and says, "I feel sick."

"You drank too fast," I said. "You'll be okay."

But, he was not okay. In fact, he yakked all over the floor in the parental viewing area. Guh-ROSS.

I scooped it and wiped it and dabbed it out of the carpet. One of the dads went to his car and procured some wipes. I scraped the puke off of our clothes as best I could.

"Sorry," I said.

"That's... okay?" said the teachers. I changed Mac back into his unscathed shorts and t-shirt and hightailed it out of there.

Arrived at violin.

"We reek faintly of vomit," I told my violin teacher apologetically.

She took this in stride. No problem. She was totally okay with it. I played some Seitz concertos, including some very tough double-stops. My goals for next week are twofold: 1) Sticker; and 2) No puke.


LH said...

What a whirlwind. Yuck. Great comeback though. I probably would have shelved the violin and headed home to the couch. Well done.

mm said...

I appreciate that you made violin (and a sticker).

jdoc said...

Quite impressive mom action here. Superstar. No question there.