Sunday, May 19, 2013

Because I Play Them Too

Got a great new thing: it's a trail-a-bike. Here's an image I found on the internet:

Usually, these things cost about 200 bucks, but my awesome aunt sold me her barely used one for 80. Attached it to my bike to today like a pro, and lo and behold, Mac loves it. We just ride around and he sings and chats on the back there, right behind me. We went all around the lake - a 3.5 mile ride. Shef rides in front of us, so I can keep a 20 on him without looking over my shoulder. Looking over my shoulder, it turns out, causes me to wobble while pulling the trail-a-bike. Mac pedals too. We're working together on this thing.

Later we demoed the trail-a-bike for Dan. "I love this," Mac said, as we rode past his dad, who watched in the driveway. "I'm just thinking of all the adventures we'll have."


mm said...

Mac is thinking of adventures... adorable.

KK said...

I love it when I see folks on these on the trails. And mm is right - Mac planning adventures is absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

What fun you will have! This is my kind of bike! Mom

LH said...

I always wonder how much the kids actually help propel these bikes. Please give me information
about my query.

KC said...

You can tell if the kids are pedaling. So, they help some. Not tons, but some. I'd say 15%.