Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hiatus Post 1

Although the blog is on hiatus, I decided that I'm just going to continue writing posts.  Why not?  I'm imagining all (five) of my faithful readers enjoying this post some months in the future, and I'm feeling really glad about that.

Are you enjoying it?

Okay, so, I'm reading a book that I think I might not be smart enough to understand.  The book's called Boy, Snow, Bird.  It's super confusing with little seeming dream sequences that might or not supposed to be real.

In order to figure some things out, I just googled the book.  Turns out it's supposed to be a riff on Snow White.  So, immediately, the book starts to make a little more sense.  I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't figure this out, as a key character is actually NAMED Snow.

I might be losing my English-teacher touch.


lee said...

I enjoyed the holy heck out of these posts. Thanks for writing during the hiatus and sharing these posts. Way to start off my #twintuesday

jdoc said...

Binge reading your blog. Love it.

mm said...

Am I the only one that started with number 1?