Thursday, May 7, 2015

Status Report

Reading: I'm on a roll. Another A+ came in El Deafo. It's a perfect graphic memoir for kids about the author's experiences of being deaf in elementary and middle school.  I couldn't put it down, and then I gave it right to Shef.  He finished it in two days.  You should probably get it.

School: It's fine and all, but the magic number is currently 18.  I hate to tell you what it means.  I think you probably know.

Okay, 18 is the number of days left until Summer Break.  Teachers count down, too.  AND, guess what?

4 of those are half-days.

Fashion: I'm wearing a jumpsuit today.  You know those are in, right? I'm only slightly worried that mine looks like pajamas.  We'll see what Dan says when he comes down.  Not that I take total stock in his fashion opinions.  Jumpsuits forever!


mm said...

OMG. I refuse to count down because I have sooooo much to accomplish. Honestly, I would like an extra week.

jdoc said...

I admire the jumpsuit, but I don't think it's for short women. Right?