Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Writerly Wednesday: Taking it Back

Elisabeth Egan, A Window opens, news obsession

To be honest, a lot of my reading time has been taken up with news. Now that we in America are headed toward a fascist state, I feel a responsibility to read all of the news. I've become a New York Times and Washington Post subscriber. It feels like my duty as a citizen to read all of the things. The papers send articles to my inbox all day long. Every selection seems essential. 

I mean, obviously, I can't keep up. My New Yorkers are piling. I have student poetry sitting there, and that's not even optional for me to read. I'm the teacher, and I assigned it. 

For the first time ever in my 52 books-per-year pledge (this is the fourth year), I'm behind on my total. "1 book behind," Goodreads tells me. A pit shoots through my stomach when I read that. 

What is happening?

So, I'm going to take back a bit of normalcy starting right now. In addition to reading the news, I have to read fiction and be a writer. Creativity and imagination are enemies of fascism, too, in addition to obsessive news consumption and active resistance. 

So here: I am listening to an addictive audio book - A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan. It's right in the wheelhouse of the book I'm trying to write, not in plot but in tenor: suburban mom takes ambitious, busy job in Manhattan when she used to be home two days per week. Her friendships suffer, her marriage suffers (though, to be fair, that's not entirely her fault), and it seems like her children are growing and changing without her noticing. Something has to give, and it will. It's inevitable. It's going to happen in the next thirty pages, probably.

I'll keep you posted.


Maureen Fischer said...

Kathleen, I really love your blog. I read three posts... that one about the cyst was unforgettable! And the photo too. It's all quite humorous and clever and authentic. I'm starting one as of now. My idea was to write short little stories that are the veiled truth. Just like you, I like writing something that might spark an idea for my fiction.

Good luck with MTM looking over your manuscript. I want to hear what she says if you'll be so generous.

BTW, the amount of writing you accomplish is quite amazing, plus you tweet and do Goodreads... and read 52 books a year. It's uncanny. Not to mention your primary jobs of parenting and working. I am in awe.

KC said...

Thanks, Maureen!!

And I will definitely keep you posted on the book work! Coffee again in a month or so?

mm said...

I, too, was a bit shaken when Goodreads told me how far I was behind in my goal. Then, I remembered I have more time in the summer and spring break. I'll make up the pages then. Don't fret! Keep up the good fight.

LH said...

Some days I just can't handle the news. Like today with that stupid DeVos and that stupid Pence.