Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nine Things for Nine Years

Our youngest child is nine years old today. Here are nine things about him:

  1. He doesn't sleep very well. He hasn't ever, but we're all used to it now.
  2. He does things his own way. You can't predict what the way will be, and you probably can't influence the way. You have to roll with it and trust the master. The master is Mac himself.
  3. Two summers ago, he hated swimming so much that he cried about lessons and refused to get in the water. Of course, I wouldn't let him quit swimming because of safety and principle, so he sat sobbing on the edge of the pool for the full hour allotted to practice. This happened day after day.  Now, however, he loves swimming and wants to go to races. He laughs when I remind him of those other times with the incessant crying.
  4. Mac's not a morning person. He's so not a morning person that about six years ago, we began dressing him in clean clothes at bedtime in lieu of pajamas. This eliminated some morning tantrums, and it's a practice we've continued to this very day. Or, we just let it go, and he wears the same outfit for an entire weekend. It's a little gross, but it's not life threatening.
  5. He writes books, types them up, and gets them catalogued in the Lower School library. There's a series about Hamburger Boy and multiple issues of a magazine called Nature News.
  6. Mac hates potatoes, mostly even French fries.   
  7. When he is sleeping, he's super active. If you let him in your bed, he'll kick you in the face while you're in the midst of your REM cycle. Just don't let him in there. If you have to because it's eleven for goodness sake, and he's not anywhere near sleeping, block your whole self with pillows before you close your eyes.
  8. He loves school and does everything his teachers tell him to. This shocks me every time I hear it at conferences.
  9. Mac's very particular about his appearance - hair, clothes, shoes. If he doesn't like it or it isn't his style, he won't wear it. Because see #2. #2 is really all you need to know. 


mm said...

Happy Birthday Mac! I wonder when I will get together with your mom this summer.

MQW said...

Like and agree that you, who knows him best, has described Mac very well! He has told me that he likes my mash potatoes...but that was a year ago. Mac was a gracious host at his party. Love his smile and enthusiasm! Nana

KC said...

Make me an offer, mm! :)

KC said...

You're right, Mom! He DOES like mashed potatoes! I forgot that.

lee said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Mac. <3

Mary said...

love him.
Mac the master of all. Also, how can i get a subscription to hamburger boy?